Congregation Lev Shalom Membership Information

TomTorahlowresIf you live in Flagstaff or one of the surrounding towns, and are not affiliated with Congregation Lev Shalom, we hope that you will choose to worship with us often and to participate in the many other activities that we offer.

Congregation Lev Shalom strives to serve the needs of all members of the Jewish community in Northern Arizona. We are committed to the notion that nobody should decline synagogue membership or refrain from participating in community events on financial grounds alone. We hope that you will complete the membership application so that we can contact you and keep you apprised of “doings at the shul.”

As you are aware, it takes resources, spiritual, human and financial, for Congregation Lev Shalom to conduct regular services, have a Rabbi for High Holidays and other services, underwrite a religious school and youth group, provide adult education, and support other activities. Accordingly: If you are not a member, we are pleased that you have chosen to worship with us and ask for your support. We know that for some, donation is difficult. We ask only that you give what you can and that you consider giving not only of your wallet, but also of your time.

To apply for membership, complete the application for membership (fillable pdf) , save and email the file to