Religious School

…May we, the children of the world, not repeat the mistakes of past generations…

May we, the children of the world, have a new vision for this planet…

May we, the children of the world, live in harmony with You, Your Creation and each other.    

excerpted from Mishkan T’filah for Youth (2014), p.131

This year, we will be exploring Jewish identity, culture, history, Jewish values and sacred stories. In addition, we continue to provide lessons in Hebrew with a combination of didactic, experiential and creative methods.  Our Jewish Education curriculum continues to respond to the unique learning styles of our students and demanding family schedules. Over time, we look forward to identifying and nourishing each student’s particular interests in Judaism. IMG 1651

It is our hope that through dynamic engagement, innovation and continuous assessment, the joy of Jewish education becomes compassionately embedded in the fabric of each child’s life. As we imbue our students with enhanced Jewish knowledge and skills and as they grow in courage and confidence, the next generation of Jewish community leaders will emerge.  We look forward to sharing a most beautiful, memorable Jewish journey with our parents and children this year and in the years to come!

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