The Brotherhood was created with the primary objectives of providing services to Congregation Lev Shalom and the Jewish community in Flagstaff as well as an outlet for Jewish men of Congregation Lev Shalom (CLS) to get together and socialize.

The Brotherhood enjoy getting together at a local bar and restaurant to informally discuss any and all topics of interest, in addition to making decisions on projects we are considering or have kicked-off.  Such projects include security and safety at our synagogue, and fundraising to those in the US and abroad recover from natural and man-made disasters.

In order to help defray the costs of CLS’s children attending Camp Stein, members of the Brotherhood and their significant others have volunteered to cook elegant dinners at the home of a member every few months. Proceeds from these events are put towards the Alfred Burk Camp Fund.  The Alfred Burk Camp Fund and supporting scholarships for Camp Stein will be a focus of the Brotherhood’s fundraising efforts. 

Watch the calendar and your email for the latest hood happenings and events.  Fore more information on the Brotherhood, please contact Bob Braudy at