Ki Teitzei

Deuteronomy 21-25


Moses explains 74 commandments in this week’s Torah Portion, laying more guidelines and laws for the people of Israel to live together.  The highlights are as follows:

A man is allowed to take a woman from her home during war and bring her back as his captive.  After 30 days, he is allowed to either marry her or let her go.

If  a man has more than one wife, the first born male child will have the birthright no matter if the child is born from a more or less favorable wife.

A disobedient son may be taken out of the city limits and pelted with stones.

If someone has been hanged, their body must be removed and buried after death.

If an animal is found it must be returned to its owner.  If an animal is suffering, it must be relieved of its burden.

You must place a railing along your roof for safety.

You cannot mix seed (cross pollination) or wear mixed clothing (Wool and Linen)

You must wear tzit tzit.

Rape, adultery, and prostitution is not allowed.

You must provide shelter for a slave on the run.

You must be careful about making vows.

Kidnapping is not allowed.

You must pay a worker promptly.

a man dies before he has children, his widow must marry his eldest brother and have children with him. (Levirate Marriage)

We must not forget Amarek.