Ki Tavo

Deuteronomy 26:1-26:11

Moses instructs the Israelites to offer their first fruits to God and rejoice.  After the third year of their crops, Moses instructs the Israelites to offer tithes to the Levites, the stranger, the orphan, and the widow.

The Israelites are to then cross the Jordan and build an alter on Mount Eban.  Six tribes are to climb to the top of Mount Gerizim and shout out blessings for those who follow the commandments while six tribes atop Mount Eban shout out the curses that will follow if you were to break the commandments.

Israelites are not to practice idolatry, degrade their parents, take their neighbor’s land, misguide a blind person, lie with his father’s wife, and animal, his sister, or his mother in law.  Slander, take a bribe to put an innocent life to death, or not upholding the torah.

If Israelites accept the Torah, they will be blessed in all endeavors.

After 40 years, the Israelites now have the heart to know, eyes to see, and ears to hear.