Deuteronomy 31:1-31:30

Here we experience Moses’s final days and Joshua taking over leadership of the Israelites.

Moses is now 120 years old and will not be traveling with the Israelites any further.  He will not be crossing the Jordan.  Joshua will be taking his place while G-d travels before and rids the land of their enemies leaving nothing to fear for the Israelites.

Joseph is told to be strong and courageous, that G-d will be with him. Moses transcribes his teaching – the Torah – and gives it to the Kohnaim and elders.  Moses commands the Israelites to gather every seven years to read his teaching in its entirety during Sukkot.

Moses and Joshua enter the Tent of Meeting and G-d appears before them in a cloud.  After their passing, the Israelites will stray from the commandments.  G-d will turn away and the life of suffering they have been warned about will fall upon them.  G-d commands Moses to write a song for Israel.

When the Israelites are suffering, and they cry that G-d has abandoned them, they will have the song Moses wrote to remind them that their suffering is a result of their behavior and actions.

Moses gives the Torah to the Levites to be places in the Arc of the Covenant and gather’s all of Israel to hear his song.