Genesis 25:19


Isaac and Rebecca conceive after many childless years.  Rebecca is told she has two nations within her.  She gives birth to twins, Esau born first, and Jacob born holding on to his brother’s heel.  She knows the younger will prevail over the older.

The two sons are opposite.  Esau strong, a fierce hunter and dominant over the lands.  Jacob dominant over learning, a man of the tents.  Esau sells his birthright to Jacob for a pot of lentil stew after returning from a hunt exhausted and hungry.

Isaac settles in Gerar.  After deceiving the Philistines about his relationship with Rebecca, at first telling them she was his sister, they learned the truth and Isaac became a very great man.  Farming and reopening wells that were dug by Abraham and digs well of his own.

Isaac becomes old and looses his vision.  Wanting to bless Esau before his death, he sends Esau on a hunt and to prepare a meal for him.  Wanting that blessing for Jacob, Rebecca comes up with a plan to deceive Isaac.  Jacob dressed in Esau’s clothing, has animal hair places on his hands and neck, and is sent in to see his father with a similar meal.  Jacob receives the blessing meant for Esau.  When Esau returns later, the deception is discovered, and Esau receives a lesser blessing and is intent on revenge.

Rebecca, not wanting to lose both sons in one day, convinces Isaac that Jacob should marry from her father’s house.  Jacob is then sent away to go find a wife. Esau then married from Ishmael’s daughter.