Jacob returns home after his 20 years with Laban.  He sends messengers to Esau hoping to join in peace.  He is informed that Esau is on his way toward Jacob with 400 men.  Fearing the worst, Jacob sends his brother gifts of goats, sheep, camels, and donkeys hoping to win him over.  Out of caution, Jacob splits his camp in half, hoping one half will survive Esau’s wrath.

Before encountering Esau, Jacob wrestles with an angel embodying the spirit of Esau.  Jacob is champion over the angel, even with a dislocated hip, and is renamed, “Israel”.

When Jacob and Esau finally meet, they embrace each other and plan to travel together.  Esau leaves first, however, because Jacob travels slower due to children and the animals.

Jacob sets up succoths near Shechem and the prince Shechem violates his daughter Dinah.  Jacob convinces all the men of Shechem to become circumcised for Shechem to take Dinah for his wife.  Three days after all the men have been circumcised, Simeon and Levi slaughter the men of Shechem to avenge Dinah’s honor.

Jacob continues his journey home and Rachel dies after giving birth to Benjamin.  She is buried below Beth-El.  Jacob returns to see his father, Isaac, who dies at the age of 180.

We learn the detailed lineage of Esau, to end this portion.