Exodus 35:1-40:38


In this Parashat, the Mishkan is completed, anointed, and G-d dwells inside.

Before the completion, Moses reminds the Israelites to keep Shabbat.  And those who can donate the items needed to build the Mishkan do so in abundance.  Soon, people are turned away and told to stop giving.

Skilled craftsman come together to build the Mishkan and its components as detailed by G-d.  Three layers of roof, gold plated walls, silver foundation, and an internal sanctuary to house the holy of the holies.  The Ark of the covenant, the table in which is resides, the menorah, golden altar with incense, and the anointing oil.

The garments for the Kohanim are created, the Mishkan is anointed, and Aaron and his sons are initiates into the priesthood.  The Mishkan is complete.