Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11


Moses recounts how he pleased with G-d to allow him to enter the Promised Land, but hat G-d refused.  Moses would be allowed to climb a mountain and see the promised land, but not to enter.

Moses reminds the Israelites about the Exodus from Egypt and when G-d handed them the Torah on Mount Sinai – one of the greatest gifts.

Moses predicts that generations from now, the Israelites will be exiled, scattered among other nations and turn their eyes from G-d.  Eventually, they will return, seek G-d and obey the commandments.

Moses repeats the 10 commandments.  And gives us the Shema: the mitzvot to love G-d with all of your heart, all of your being, to study the torah, to bind the words upon our arms and head, on our door posts, to recite as we lay down and wake up each day.