Shabbat in a Box

It’s almost here!!!

Our Shabbat-in-a-Box Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat service will take place on  Friday, March 31, 2023.  

What is Shabbat-in-a-Box? It’s something we’re doing to make our (and your) Zoom Kabbalat  Shabbat service experience extra special. We want to help everyone feel connected, bring joy  (and cookies) into your Shabbat experience, and do so in a new way. What’s in the box?  Everything you need to celebrate Shabbat in your home: candles, grape juice, challah, baked  treats for your at-home oneg, and copies of the prayers. Just add joy. Boxes will be delivered  on the afternoon of March 31.  

If you have children (or if you are young at heart), we have an extra treat. Become a Shabbat  Queen or King! We will provide everything needed to decorate a simple crown. Just let us  know how many you need.  

Where does this idea come from? In one of CLS’s most beloved Kabbalat Shabbat prayers, L’cha  Dodi, we welcome Shabbat as both bride and queen. This imagery can be traced to the Talmud  where it is written: “Rabbi Ḥanina would wrap himself in his garment and stand at nightfall on  Shabbat eve and say: Come and we will go out to greet Shabbat the queen. Rabbi Yannai put on  his garment on Shabbat eve and said: Enter, O bride. Enter, O bride.” (Shabbat 119a)  




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If you are picking up, please come to the synagogue between 2pm-4pm on March 31st to get your box.