Numbers 1:1-4:20


The first day of the second month in the second year since the Exodus, G-d spoke to Moses in the Tent of the Meeting.  He instructed Moses to gather the tribes of Israel, each descendent line, and count all males 20 years and older.

The children of Reuben numbered 46,500.

The children of Simeon numbered 59,300.

The children of Gad numbered 45,650.

The children of Judah numbered 74,600.

The children of Issachar numbered 54,400.

The children of Zebulun numbered 57,400.

The children of Ephraim numbered, 40,500.

The children of Manasseh numbered 32,200.

The children of Benjamin numbered 35,400.

The children of Dan numbered 62,700.

The children of Asher numbered 41,500.

The children of Naphtali numbered 53,400.


The sum of the descendants fit to be in an army were a total of 603,550.

The children of Levi were not counted, they were to be appointed over the Tabernacle of Testimony (assembly, transportation, disassembly, protection).

Each tribe was to camp with itself with a flag of the tribe.

The tribe of Levi was to be presented to the Kohen Aaron to serve him.

The children of Levi were to be counted, all males 1 month old and older.  They totaled 22,273.  Each family in the tribe was responsible for one section of the Tent of Meeting.  The Levites were to be G-ds instead of the first-born children of Israel.  And the Levites’ animals were to be G-ds.  The children of Israel who require redemption, take 5 shackles per head to go to Aaron.