Numbers 8:15-12:16


G-d tells Moses to instruct Aaron to light the menorah to initiate the tribe of Levi into the Mishkin.  The menorah was made of gold and was hammered.

In the second year since the exodus, G-d commanded the Israelites to have their second Passover.  And so, they did, in the first month on the afternoon of the 14th day.

The Israelites who had contact with the dead, who were ritually unclean, reached out to Moses because they did not want to be excluded, they wanted to bring an offering to the Lord.  G-d spoke to Moses and instructed that all those who are ritually unclean at that time shall make their Passover sacrifice in the second month, on the 14th day.

Those who do not make a Passover sacrifice and did not bring an offering to the Lord in their appointed time will be cut off from his people.

When the Mishkan was build, a cloud covered it and there was an appearance of fire at night.  When the cloud departed the tent, the people of Israel could travel to where they found the cloud settled again.  There they would camp until the cloud dispersed again.

G-d instructed Moses to make two silver trumpets.  They were to be used to call the tribes of Isreal forward before departure.  One blow, the leaders and princes would come up. A teruah (multiple short blows) the eastern camps to travel.  A second teruah, the camps to the south would travel.  When calling the entire congregation, a tekiah, long blow.

With the moving and the camping, the people grew restless, and G-d was angered by their complaint.  Moses heard their cries and prayed to G-d.  The fire died down.  The people of Israel hungered for a variety of food, they remembered the various meats, vegetables, and fruits they ate in Egypt.  They were dissatisfied by the manna.

Moses felt the burden and expressed that he could not carry all of Israel on his shoulders.  G-d heard his cry and told him to gather the 70 elders of Israel to help carry the burden.  The next day, the tribe of Israel were to eat meat for an entire month.

Miriam and Aaron were dissatisfied with the woman Moses married and jealous that G-d only spoke with him.  They confronted Moses in the Tent of Meeting and G-d called all three out of the tent.  He appeared in a pillar of cloud and called Aaron and Miriam into the tent.  He told them that if there are other prophets, he will appear to them in dreams.  But Moses he will speak mouth to mouth.  Miriam was afflicted with tzara’ath after, and Moses pleaded with G-d to heal her.  Miriam was to be confined to 7 days.  The tribe did not leave without her.