Chayei Sarah

Genesis 23:1-25:18


At the age of 127, Sarah dies.  Abraham purchases a plot of land with trees and a cave from Ephron the Hittite near Hebron.  Sarah is buried in the cave of Machpela.

Abraham asks a servant to go back to the land of his father and find a wife for Isaac.  The servant is sent with camels and goes on his way.  When he arrives, he prays for success in his mission.  When asking a maiden for water, if she answers that she will give him a drink and give his camels a drink then that is the sign that she is the right one for Isaac.

A young lady approaches the well, when he asks her for a drink, she replies that she will give him one and give his camels a drink.  He gives her a gold nose ring and bracelets.  Rebecca runs home and her family comes out to meet the servant.

The servant explains where he is from, how blessed Abraham is, and Rebecca’s family grants that she returns with the servant to become Isaac’s wife.  Rebecca agrees to go.  When she returns, Isaac takes her into his mother’s tent and marries her.

Abraham remarries and has more children. Before his death, Abraham gives gifts to his children and sends them away.  Isaac inherits the rest.  Abraham dies at the age of 175 and is buried by his sons Isaac and Ishmael in the cave of Machpela next to Sarah.

Ishmael’s progenies are listed, and he dies at age of 137.