Numbers 19:1-22:1


G-d instructs Moses how to use the ashes of a red cow to purify a person who has been in contact with a dead body.

The people of Israel arrive to Zin.  Miriam dies.  The Israelites are tired, and thirsty, and appeal to Moses.  G-d tells Moses to speak to a rock, command it to give water, and it will flow with water for the people and animals.  Moses becomes angry at the Israelites and strikes the rock; water starts to flow.  G-d tells Moses that neither he nor Aaron will enter the Promised Land.

Aaron dies and Eleazar takes his robes.  Snakes attach the Israelites after another period of discontent, they appeal to Moses for help.  G-d instructs Moses to affix a snake upon a high pole and those bitten are to look up to be healed.  A song is sung over the miraculous well that provides the Israelites water.

The Emorite kings Og and Sichon will not let Israel pass through their lands and wage a war.  Moses leads them to victory; they conquer and settle in the lands.