Deuteronomy 7:12-11:25


Moses tells the Israelites that G-d will keep his covenant with them as a because they listen to and are carrying the 10 commandments with them.  G-d will love them and make them fruitful and multiply.  They will be greatly blessed.

Moses warns them that they will have to annihilate other peoples, with other gods.  He instructs the Israelites to not feel mercy or covet the gold and silver of those they destroy.

Moses reminds the Israelites of the last 40 years in the wilderness.  They once went hungry, and G-d gave them manna to teach them that man cannot live by bread alone but that they can be sustained by G-d.

The promised land will fully sustain the Israelites.  They will want for nothing.  They will eat and be satisfied.  Moses implores the Israelites not to take any of this for granted.  When they have everything, they need, they might forget G-d – they might forget being brought out of Egypt, the manna G-d gave them, and the water from the rock.  They may feel as if their own will has caused the goodness in their lives – but they mist remember that it was G-d who gave them the blessings of the land to keep their covenant.

But if they should forget and worship other gods, then they will perish like the nations before them perished.

The land G-d is giving the Israelites has other nations that might be greater in number and mightier. G-d will drive them away to fulfill his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Moses calls the people of Israel a stiff-necked people and reminds them how they have provoked G-d and rebelled against G-d in the past.  To the point where G-d wanted to destroy all of them.  Moses reminds the people of the golden calf they created while he was up on Mount Sinai and how he broke the tablets G-d gave him.  He destroyed the calf, turned it into a powder, and threw it into the river.

Moses then was called to return to the mountain for G-d to make him a second set of tablets that would be placed into the ark to be protected by the tribe of Levi.  That ark was made as G-d specified and was carried throughout the wilderness.

After all of this, what does G-d require of his people Israel?  To walk in G-d’s ways, to love and serve G-d will all of their heart and all of their soul.  To keep the commandments as they enter the promised land.

Moses instructs them to place these words on their hearts, their souls, to hind them on their hands, between heir eyes, to teach it to their children, speak it when they are home, write them on their doorposts and upon your gates, so that all future generations will endure and be blessed.