Leviticus 21:1-24:23


Parashat Emor entails rules and laws for the kohanim, festivals in the Jewish calendar, touches on blasphemy, and consequences for assault, murder, and property destruction.

The Kohanim are not to become ritually impure by touching a dead body unless it is a close relative.  They are not to marry a woman who has been divorced or who may have had a promiscuous past.  The Kohen Gadol is only allowed to marry a virgin.  If a Kohen has a deformity that he does not grow out of, he cannot serve.

Deformed animals cannot be used as an offering.  Newborn animals cannot be used for offerings until they are 8 days old.  Animals that are mother and child cannot be sacrificed together or on the same day.

Festivals in the Jewish Calendar to observe are: Shabbat, Passover (first and last day), festival of unleavened bread, Bringing and counting the Omer (ending on Shavuot).  Yom Kippur, remembrance of the shofar blowing, and Sukkot.

G-d reviews that the lamps, menorah in the temple, will used olive oil and be lit continually outside the dividing curtain of the testimony in the tent of meeting.

If someone is to be a blasphemer, they are to be taken out of town and stoned.

If one kills another man, he will be put to death.

Anyone who kills an animal will pay for it for the value of the animal.

If someone assaults someone else, the same will be done to him.

If someone injures and animal, they will pay for it.