Ki Tisa

Exodus 30:11-34:35


All Israelites are to donate half a shekel (no more for the rich, no less for the poor) to help finance the Sanctuary.

G-d tells Moses how to anoint the Tent of Appointed Meeting, the Ark of the Testimony, and the Sanctuary with an oil made from Cinnamon, Cassia, Myrrh, and olive oil.  The anointing will make everything hold and all who touch them will become holy.

G-d reminds Moses to have the Israelites to keep Shabbat, a seventh day of rest as a covenant between G-d and the Israelites.  If one does not keep Shabbat, their soul will be cut off from the people.

Moses is given two Tables with the Testimony written by the finger of G-d.

At this point, Moses had been gone from the Israelites for a very long time.  Thinking he was gone, there was a decision to make a deity to worship.  Aaron collected all the gold earrings from the men and women of Israel.  He melted them down and gold calf was made.  The Golden Calf was worshipped as if it was a G-d and Aaron built an alter with plans of having a feast to honor the new Lord the following day.

G-d was less than thrilled.  He wanted Moses to go down the mountain and leave him with his anger to destroy the Israelites.  Moses pleaded with G-d, reminded G-d of his promises he had made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  G-d agreed to not destroy the tribe.

With the tablets in hand, Moses headed down the mountain.  He saw the golden calf, the festivities, and the dancing.  In a burst of anger, Moses threw the tablet and they shattered.  The golden calf was put in the fire, ground to powder, and mixed with water for the children of Israel to consume.

Aaron admitted to Moses that he help lead the Israelites.  They were restless and he gave in, took the gold, and made the calf.

Moses called all those for this “new” Lord to come forward and they were slain.  The next day Moses went back up the mountain to speak with G-d, to ask for forgiveness or have himself be removed from the Torah.

All those who had become restless and followed the golden calf were to be removed from The Book, and a plague was released upon them.

G-d commanded Moses to take the rest of the Israelites to the promised land.  An Angel of G-d would travel before the tribe to clear the path, but G-d would not follow.

Moses constructed the Tent of Meeting outside the camp for those who sought G-d.  When Moses was inside the Tent speaking with G-d, a pillar of cloud stood outside the tent.

In the tent, G-d would not let Moses see his face, no human was to see his face and live.

Moses was instructed to go back up the mountain to collect another set of tablets from G-d.  He reminded Moses of the covenant, to destroy all false gods, to keep Passover and Shavuot, redeeming the first born, and laws of Kashrut.

When Moses came back down, his face radiated.  Those who saw him were afraid to speak with him, but Moses convinced them to come to be given the Commandments.  Moses spoke of all that G-d said on the mountain.  When he was done speaking, he covered his face and kept it covered unless speaking with G-d.