Leviticus 14:1-15:33


In Parashat Metzora, we continue to discuss impurity of the body and home and how to achieve cleanliness again.

After one is afflicted with metzora, the Kohen will treat and purify the individual with a ritual involving two doves, water in a vessel, a piece of cedar, a crimson thread, and a bunch of hyssops.

Dwellings can be contaminated with a form of tzaraat that might be red or green patched on the walls of the home.  All items of the home are to be removed upon discovery.  The unclean area is removed, and that portion of the dwelling is rebuilt.  If the tzaraat returns, then the dwelling must be demolished.

Men can become impure if they have a seeping lesion as well as after seminal discharge.  Women can become impure after menstruation or other discharge.  Both will have to go through purification.