Genesis 41:1-44:17



Pharoah has a set of disturbing dreams.  The first of which contained 7 beautiful cows devoured by 7 ugly, lean cows.  The second dream held 7 full ears of corn devoured by 7 lean ears of corn.  In the search to interpret his dream, Joseph was brought to Pharoah.

Joseph told the Pharoah that it was not two dreams, but one.  That after 7 years of plenty, there would be a famine lasting 7 years.  Joseph recommended that Pharoah stock up on grain during the good years to help the people and land survive the famine.

Joseph was no longer to be imprisoned, but he would be a leader of Egypt.

When the famine struck the land, Joseph handed out grain for sale to those in need.  Ten of Joseph’s brothers travel to Egypt to buy grain – the youngest, Benjamin, was left with their father Jacob.  Joseph recognizes his brothers when they arrive, but they do not recognize him.  Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies and asks that they bring Benjamin back to prove they are who they say they are.  He takes Simeon as a hostage.  On their way home, they discover that the money they paid for the grain is in their sacks and they are afraid.

Judah takes full responsibility for Benjamin’s safety and the brothers return to Egypt to buy more grain – carrying twice the money they did the first time.  When they meet Jacob, they are brought to his house for lunch.  While there, Jacob has the money once again returned to their sacks filled with as much grain as can be carried, and plants his silver goblet into Benjamin’s sack.

While his brothers are on their way home, they are pursued and searched.  The money is discovered and so is the goblet.  Joseph orders that the brothers are to be released but Benjamin will remain as a slave.