Numbers 13:1-15:41


G-d tells Moses that he will give the lands of Canaan to Israel.

Moses gathers 12 men from different tribes to discover what they can about that land and its inhabitants.  After 40 days, they return with a bounty of fruit.  A section of this land, however, contains giants and powerful warriors that only a couple (Caleb and Joshua) believe can be conquered.

The Israelites weep and are concerned.  They wonder why they ever left Egypt, and this sparks G-d’s anger.  Moses appeals to how forgiving and loving G-d is and G-d decides to not destroy Israel outright.  However, it will take 40 years to enter the land of Canaan so that an entire generation will die in the desert.

Laws concerning meal, wine, and oil offerings are given along with instructions to burn a portion of challah for G-d when baking bread.

When a man gathers sticks on Shabbat, he is put to death.  Tzitzit, fringes, are to be places on 4 corners of garments as a reminder to fulfill mitzvot.