Deuteronomy 16:18-17:13

“Justice, Justice you shall pursue”

In Shoftim, Moses outlines rules for leadership: Judges, law enforcement, kings, religion, and military leadership.
Every city will need judges and law enforcement. Those who are judges will be unbiased. They will not give favors for friends or take bribes for their rulings. For someone to be convicted of a crime, two credible witnesses must come forward. There will be cities made for murderers to live in.

Kings should show humility and live humbly. Lavish lifestyles from nobility might lead to them being worshipped as god.
Softim prohibits idolatry and sorcery.

Before Israelites go to war, they will need to seek peace. If every avenue of peace has been exhausted, when they wage war they must annihilate those they are fighting against. In war, there will not be destruction of items of value – cutting down fruit trees is strictly prohibited. The soldiers of Israel will be given the option not to fight if they have a new home, a new wife, or are soft of heart and afraid.

Lastly, the law of eglah arufah: atonement for innocent bloodshed. If an unknown life is lost in a field, the murderer also unknown, the elders of the city closest will come and make a special sacrifice and ask for forgiveness for the life lost.