Leviticus 12:1-13:59


In Parashat Tazria, we continue to learn more rituals pertaining to impurity and purity.

After a woman gives birth, she will have to isolate for 7 days (if having a boy) and not have contact with anything holy for a total of 33 days; or 14 days of isolation (if having a girl) and 66 days away from anything holy.  When the time of impurity has ended, the woman will have a ritual bath (mikvah) and burnt offerings will be brought to the temple.  Male children will be circumcised after 8 days.

The remainder of the Parashat discusses quarantine and cleansing of homes/garments when someone is afflicted with Tzaraat (often thought of as Leprosy).  The infected person must quarantine outside city limits or alone for 7 days at a time, after which they visit the Kohen to determine if they are clean or unclean.  If the infection returns, the garments and/or home will have to be burned.