Exodus 25:1-27:19


Moses is given instructions on how to build the arc of the covenant and a Sanctuary where G-d will dwell.

The people are to donate gold, silver, and copper. Wool dyed red, purple, and blue.  Spices, gems, olive oil, acacia wood, animal skins, goat hair, and flax.  All these will build the Sanctuary which can be easily broken down and transported.

At the heart of the Sanctuary, there would be an inner chamber, the Holy of the Holies, where the golden ark will be – adorned with two winged cherubim hammered from gold facing each other with their wings spread out in protection.  Outside the chamber would be a seven branched menorah.

The sanctuary’s walls are constructed from 48 boards overlaid with gold. The roof was made of multiple layers.  Ram skins followed by a covering of goatshair, and on the inside tapestries made from the colored wool.