Genesis 47:28-50:26


Jacob lived in Egypt for 17 years.  He blessed Joseph and Joseph’s sons Ephraim (the younger) and Manasseh (the older) in that order.  Jacob asked Joseph to take an oath to bury him in the holy land.

Jacob blessed all his sons, each obtaining a role as a tribe.  Judah will produce leaders, Levi will produce priests, Issachar will produce scholars, Zebulun will produce seafarers, Simeon will make schoolteachers, Gad will make soldiers, Judges will come from Dan, Asher will produce olive-growers.  Reuben is criticized for confusing his father’s marriage bed. Simeon and Levi are criticized for the massacre at Shechem and for what they did to Joseph.  Benjamin is blessed with the ferociousness of a wolf, and Joseph is blessed with fertility and beauty.

Jacob is buried in Machpelah Cave in Hebron.

Joseph dies at the age of 110.  He also wishes his bones would be buried in the Holy Land. Joseph tells of the covenant of G-d, that the Israelites will be remembered and brought up out of Egypt to return to the Holy Land.