Genesis 28:10-32:3


Jacob leaves his home on a journey. He stops to rest and dreams of a ladder connecting heaven and earth. He sees angels going up and down the ladder.  G-d appears to him and tell him that this land will be given to his children.  Jacob builds a monument from the stone he laid on declaring that it will be made into a house of G-d.

Jacob meets with his uncle Laban and works for him for 7 years to wed Laban’s daughter Rachel.  The morning after their wedding, Jacob discovers that he has been tricked and he we Leah.  In a week, Jacob marries Rachel and works another 7 years for her.

Leah bears 6 boys and 1 girl for Jacob.  Reuben, Sineon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah.  Rachel has been barren and gives her maid Bilah as a wife to bear children on her behalf.  Bilah bears 2 sons names Dan and Naphtali.  Leah’s maid Zilpah is given to Jacob as a wife and bears 2 more sons names Gad and Asher.  Rachel’s prayers are heard, and she bears one son to Jacob who she named Joseph.

When Jacob wants to return to his home with his wives and children, Laban convinces him to stay with sheep and goats as his wage.  Jacob works another 6 years and then disappears in the night with his wealth of sheep, goats, and his wives and children.  When Laban follows him, G-d appears to Laban in a dream and warns him not to harm Jacob.  Laban and Jacob make a pact on top of Mount Gal-Ed.