Genesis 44:18-47:27


Joseph enslaves his brother, Benjamin, for having his silver goblet.  Judah begs Joseph to take him instead of Benjamin.  Judah tells of how his father’s soul is with the boy and him being enslaved would kill their father.  Joseph can’t take it and breaks down, he shows his brothers that he is Joseph, the brother they sold to Egypt.  But he doesn’t want his brothers to feel bad, Joseph is there to save people through the famine.

Pharaoh rejoices that Joseph’s brothers are there and orders that they be given wagons to fetch their belongings and their father and that they will be given the best land in Egypt to live on.

Jacob was skeptical that his son was alive.  But when he saw the wagons outside, he was overjoyed.  He wanted to travel to see his son.  Before traveling, Jacob went to Beer Sheba to make an offering.  That night G-d appeared to him and told him not to fear going to Egypt.

Pharaoh agreed to let Jacob and his sons live in Goshen to be shepherds as they said they were very skilled, and they were given the best land as chief clerks over Pharaoh’s herds.

The famine intensified and the people of Egypt had traded all their gold for grain without any means to replace it.  Desperate for more food, they agreed to sell their herds for grain.  With the famine so great, they came back and offered their lands and their bodies for grain.  Joseph gave the people of Egypt seed to farm the Pharaoh’s land, telling them that 1/5 of the crops were to go to Pharaoh and the rest can be theirs.

Joseph settled in Goshen and was prosperous and multiplied.