Leviticus 1:1-5:26


In Parashat Vayikara, G-d asks Moses to explain to the Israelites different ways and types of offerings to bring to G-d on the alter.  These offerings can be animal, grain, or fruit.

There are 5 main types of offerings:

Burnt offerings to be completely given to the alter.

Meal offerings made of fine grain, olive oil, and incense.

Peace offerings where the one bringing the offering consumes the meat after it has been burnt.

Sin offerings that are either communal, individual, and/or based on social rank.

And guilt offerings if the sin is either intentional or intentional.

Each of these offerings is outlined in how to properly prepare the offering (how to slaughter, how to clean, cut, and dispose of parts that are not to be offered.  If a more expensive offering, such as cattle, is not available to the person needing to bring an offering, they have choices of a less expensive option like a dove, or a meal offering.