V’Zot Ha’Berachah

Deuteronomy 33:1-34:12

In the last Parashat of the Torah, Moses blesses all of Israel before he dies and leaves the Torah as a legacy for all of Israel. He blessed the tribe of Reuben and Judah to live and for G-d to hear Judah’s voice. The tribe of Levi to teach Torah; the tribe of Benjamin to live beside them. The tribe of Joseph’s land will be blessed with sweetness and abundance. Zebulun to prosper when they trade, Issachar to prosper in their tents. Blessing Gad to be strong, protective over the expanse of their land. Dan, settling near, Gad, to have the same strength. Naftali’s land would be enough for all their people. Asher’s tribe was blessed with sons and olive oil.
After the blessings, Moses went to the top of mount Nebo and was shown all the land sworn to Abraham, Isaac, and to Jacob. Moses died, at 120 years old, and G-d buried him in the valley of Moab. The Israelites mourned for Moses for 30 days and then faithfully followed Jacob and did as G-d commanded.